Are you working in a wonderful hotel or do you own a resort that is perfectly suited for the MICE business? Do you wish to open up new markets quickly, purposefully and economically? Thanks to PURE connections you and your hotel will be superbly represented. Not only will we help you to increase your occupancy rate by providing you with MICE business: We'll also enormously boost the popularity of your hotel. Let's get your business rolling! Rely on our know-how, personal commitment and innovative customer retention campaigns!

First-class contacts

Thanks to many years of professional experience in tourism, PURE connections has an excellent network and many important personal contacts with agencies in several European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. We would be happy to make contacts between the hotel and the purchasing agent.

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CRM system for the MICE business

Nothing is more difficult than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Therefore, PURE connections has its own, specially developed and perfectly maintained customer relationship management system. Thanks to this system we can align our marketing activities with your requirements consistently and systematically in a perfect way, thus shaping customer relations processes. This enables you to obtain best possible benefit!

Analysis and consultancy for the appropriate market presence

PURE connections will work together with you to develop a strategy and to find out which markets and customers are best for you and your hotel, and which of them offer the corresponding potential in the MICE area. We will work out the right approach and find tools you need to analyze sales and marketing activities that are appropriate for the respective target country and customers. We will elaborate a concept and coordinate the activities accordingly together with you.

Range of services

Depending on what you want and what has been agreed on for you and your hotel, PURE connections will handle all or part of the promotion, marketing, sales, quotations, follow-up and negotiations between the hotel and the customer as well as invoicing.

Prime address

Having an address for a hotel representation in Switzerland is advantageous and encourages business.

You are in good hands with PURE connections

Avoid investing in sales events such as trade fairs and sales calls with which you do not reach your target group. Talk to us instead. We have the expert knowledge and can advise you on where in all of Europe a presence would be worthwhile. We know which agencies are right for your product and would be customers with best potential. We would be happy to organize your well-focused, high-quality, innovative and customized sales and marketing activities (such as mailing campaigns, newsletters, visits to trade fairs and customers) and thus to provide the marketing for your hotel. We also arrange fam trips to your hotel. During these informative trips potential customers can personally experience your hotel up close for a few days, and they will love it.

Save time and money
  • PURE connections is in constant contact with the most important purchasing agents of the MICE sector. We handle the implementation of your sales and marketing activities. We are located close to the customers, not hours away by air. Travel and communication costs can be reduced in this way. We often speak the "same language" and understand immediately what the customers are talking about.
  • If you want to do your own sales and marketing activities, we would be happy to assist you in planning activities or to accompany you through the implementation phase. We, as "locals", help you to understand the customers and familiarize yourself with the conditions on site. This is how you can develop personal relationships with and confidence in the customers.
  • PURE connections often organizes sales events on behalf of several partners; thus travel and communication costs can be split among the participating partners.
PURE connections: a partner you can rely on

Nowadays purchasing agents are flooded with marketing activities. Thanks to our positive market presence we are perceived as ambassadors and "heard" accordingly. Recommendations made by PURE connections are good and reliable. Join our select PURE connections "hotel pool" and feel confident that we will represent you at the highest level.

Luxury hotel representation in FIT by Leading Collection

Leading Collection represents unique luxury hotels and travel experiences which are all personally known and tested by the team of Leading Collection.

"The Hospitality Industry and Luxury Tourism are our passion. We love what we do and that is only one of the reasons why we are leading! Another reason is that our team has acquired many years of international Sales and Marketing experiences – some of us more than 20 years - therefore we guarantee a very well established network and destination knowledge around the Globe."

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